Swimming and Diving

Swimming and Diving

Hill swimming and diving has a long and glorious tradition of excellence. Many swimmers and divers have gone on to swim in competitive college programs and beyond, including in at least one case, the Olympics.

Our vision is to continue that tradition of excellence both in and out of the pool by developing competitive athletes who also are exemplary citizens of the community and the world. The season is geared towards having the elite athletes perform at their best during the Eastern Interscholastic Swimming and Diving Championships (Easterns) at the end of February, while having the rest of our swimmers peak at our Mid Atlantic Prep League Championship meet in the middle of February.

Thank you for your interest in Hill swimming and diving. Please contact Amy Agnew at aagnew@thehill.org if you have any questions, suggestions, or updates to any of the information on the website.  Also, please see the other pages on the left side for additional information that may be of interest to you.

Schedule and Results

Team Opponent Date Time Location Details Result Score Status
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Hill Relays
The Hill School Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Mercersburg Academy
Mercersburg Academy Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Villa Maria Academy High School
The Hill School Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Salesianum & Ursuline
The Hill School Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Episcopal Academy
Episcopal Academy Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
The Lawrenceville School
The Hill School Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Perkiomen School
The Hill School Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
MAPL Championships
Mercersburg Academy Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Hill Diving Invitational
The Hill School Details
V Swimming and Diving vs.
Easterns Swimming & Diving Championships
tba Details

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Amy Agnew |  aagnew@thehill.org
Amy Agnew arrived at The Hill in the fall of 2016 as an Instructor of English and Head Swimming and Diving Coach. Coach Agnew is an established coach on the local swimming scene. She began coaching with the Pottstown YMCA team in 2005, and in 2014 she was one of several coaches to join the then-newly formed TOPS, an elite club program that has produced numerous collegiate swimmers. She was the first head coach in the history of Pottsgrove High School’s swimming program, and from 2007 – 2009 she was head coach of the North End Swim Club; coincidentally, former Hill head coach Jay Spencer, whom Agnew succeeded at The Hill, took over the North End Swim Club team from Agnew. Coach Agnew is a graduate of James Madison University, where she played club water polo. She also earned her M.A. in English from George Mason University.

Assistant Coaches
Megan Ehrenwerth
Jen Kokoska (Head Diving Coach)
Larissa Snyder
Jay Spencer '84 P'13 '14 '18 '23 

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Swimming and Diving Beyond The Hill

Alumni currently competing in intercollegiate swimming and diving (including current sixth formers who have committed for next year):

Patrick Dunn '19 - Dickinson College

Brigid Donnelly '19 - Old Dominion University 

Alfonso Mestre '19 - University of Florida  

Maddie McKean '18 - Middlebury College

Christian DeVol '17 - Yale University

Tommy Dunn '17 Dickinson College

Alberto Mestre '17 Stanford University 

Maddy Lutwyche '16 - Emory University

Payton Miles '16 - Lehigh University 

Chris Schiavone '16 - Franklin and Marshall College


Swimming and Diving Records

Boys School Records

Event                                 Name(s)                                                        Performance                   Year
50 Free                             Alberto Mestre                                              20.00                                 2017
100 Free                           Alberto Mestre                                              44.57                                 2017
100 Fly                              Sterg Dikos                                                    50.47                                 2015
100 Back                          Michael Wong                                               51.99                                 2019
100 Breast                       Eric Wagner                                                   59.10                                 1982
200 Free                           Alfonso Mestre                                             1:38.73                              2019
200 IM                              Eric Wagner                                                   1:53.13                              1982
500 Free                           Alfonso Mestre                                             4:26.73                              2019

200 Medley Relay           Michael Wong, Yeob Kim                             1:35.68                              2019
                                           Matthew Kenvin, Michael Schiavone

200 Free Relay                 Yeob Kim, Michael Schiavone                    1:22.79                              2019
                                           John Nelligan, Alfonso Mestre

400 Free Relay                 Yeob Kim, Michael Schiavone                   3:02.99                              2019
                                           John Nelligan, Alfonso Mestre

1 Meter Diving                 6 Dives – Christian DeVol                           409.5                                 2017                   
                                          11 Dives - Christian DeVol                           560.55                               2017

Girls School Records

Event                                 Name(s)                                                        Performance                   Year
50 Free                              Payton Miles                                                 23.73                                 2016
100 Free                            Payton Miles                                                 50.98                                2016
100 Fly                               Lyndsey Marcheskie                                   59.29                                 2010
100 Back                           Maddison Marcheskie                                56.77                                 2014
100 Breast                        Emily Glinecke                                              1:05.30                             2014
200 Free                            Brigid Donnelly                                             1:55.54                             2019
200 IM                               Emily Glinecke                                              2:11.19                             2014
500 Free                            Kiersten Dagg                                               5:11.16                             2019

200 Medley Relay           Liz Cossel, Emily Glinecke                           1:48.75                             2014
                                           Maddison Marcheskie, Payton Miles

200 Free Relay                 Brigid Donnelly, Maddy Green                  1:38.67                               2018
                                           Alex Zelinske, Maddie McKean

400 Free Relay                 Brigid Donnelly, Maddie McKean             3:37.65                               2016
                                           Matylda Zaklicki, Payton Miles

1 Meter Diving                 6 Dives – Julie Van Deusen                        285.40                               1999
                                           11 Dives – Julie Van Deusen                      511.10                               1999

Cunningham Pool Records

Event                  Name(s)                            School                              Performance     Year

50 Free               Alberto Mestre                 The Hill School                20.44                   2017
100 Free             Alberto Mestre                 The Hill School                45.44                   2017
100 Fly                Connell                              Salesianum                      51.02                   2003
100 Back             Ritter                                 Peddie                               50.24                   1991
100 Breast         Zhang                                 Mercersburg                    57.59                   2017
200 Free             Wharton                             Germantown Academy  1:39.68               1985
200 IM                Yimsomruay                      Germantown Academy  1:53.37               1998
500 Free             Crippen                              Germantown Academy   4:26.96               2002
200 Medley        Blank, Black,                      Peddie                               1:35.57               2017
                             Housekeeper, Stern                    
400 Free Relay  Saeger, Holloway              Mercersburg                    3:10.01               1980
                             Esseltyn, Dillala
1 M Diving          Christian DeVol                 The Hill School                409.5                   2017

Event                  Name(s)                               School                              Performance     Year

50 Free               Peart                                     Germantown Academy  23.76                   2000
100 Free             Payton Miles                       The Hill School                52.56                   2016
100 Fly                Seiberlich                             Episcopal Academy       57.79                   2016
100 Back             Atkinson                              Germantown Academy  55.29                   2019
100 Breast         Maher                                   Germantown Academy   1:03.69               2010
200 Free             Aemisegger                         Germantown Academy   1:53.35               2005
200 IM                Atkinson                               Germantown Academy   2:04.70               2019
500 Free             Cocco                                   Germantown Academy    5:04.31               2002
200 Medley        Baturka, Repke                    Episcopal Academy         1:49.23               2011
                             Rhodes, Oprey               
400 Free Relay  Aemisegger, Sneed             Germantown Academy   3:37.16               2010
                             Sawick, Dugan
1 M Diving          Julie Van Deusen                The Hill School                 285.4                   1999


Top-10 Performance Lists