Girls' Cross Country

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Girls' Cross Country

The Hill School girls' cross country program is interested in runners of all experience and skill levels. Our invitational-based schedule allows for all team members to compete several times throughout the season against appropriate competition. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, entirely new to running, or looking to get in shape for future competitive seasons, the Hill experience can provide all the needed tools to reach your goals.

In a sport typically thought of as individual, TEAMWORK is the hallmark of our program. We train together, we race together, and we encourage each other. Competitive running and a strong desire to succeed on the race course are important components of our training, but working to achieve those goals as a team is even more important. Whether completing our challenging eight mile Ringing Rocks course or running to the local ice cream shop for a fun mid-fall break, the team enjoys the challenge of pushing themselves as much as they enjoy relaxing together.

Our season begins with an intensive late summer/early fall Preseason on the Hill campus. This time is designed for experienced runners who are prepared for Varsity competition and offers an opportunity for the team to explore the local area. Test your best Rocky pose while running up the stairs at the Philadelphia Art Museum or enjoy the scenic views of Valley Forge National Park; either spot provides an ideal setting for training. Most weekends during the season are spent competing in large Invitationals in the area.

For practice, we are fortunate to have access to the extensive Schuylkill and Perkiomen Trail systems and for competition we have the extraordinary benefit of using Brookside Country Club for our home meets. The golf course's rolling hills make for challenging terrain, but also beautiful views: the essence of Cross Country.