Girls' Lacrosse

Girls' Lacrosse

We are celebrating 20 years of girls’ lacrosse here at The Hill School and coming off a strong season in 2018! We are proud to find NCAA homes for many of our athletes across all levels. We compete in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) and supplement our conference schedule with many of the Inter-Ac Schools. Our roster begins with talented in-region athletes and supplements with national and international athletes. We are hungry to compete at a high level from the beginning as we take on top competition every opportunity we can. Your talents and skills will develop and be challenged. We will work hard together to achieve your potential as a student, athlete and most importantly, a person.

Our School

The Hill School, The Family Boarding School, welcomes every student Home when they step on campus. Hailing from 28 states and 23 countries, Hill students live and learn in a close-knit community with peers who are diverse, talented, and driven to excel. The unique learning environment is grounded within our desire to innovate and keep our traditions. Our extracurricular model is designed to support athletes at all levels and their outside club commitments. This model heeds the negative effects of specialization and lifts up opportunity to train in our strength and condition program while enabling you to compete in outside showcases. Our coaching staff and our dedicated student-athlete college counselor, both of which were NCAA head coaches, heavily supports the college recruiting process. Receiving an education from The Hill School will truly prepare you for the next chapter in your life and set you apart.

Our Community

Our greatest asset is the people who make up The Hill community. The Hill School does an outstanding job lifting up our surrounding community and enabling our students to experience all that the greater Philadelphia area has to offer. Relationships will evolve your ability to communicate and advocate for yourself in direct preparation as you prepare for the next step in your academic journey. You will develop strong relationships with your teachers, advisers, and coaches that you will carry far beyond your years at The Hill.

Offseason Lacrosse

The Hill athletics model enables student athletes to compete in their respective club program and offers a robust strength and conditioning program in preparation for our season. Athletes can choose to play a winter sport or participate in our comprehensive strength and conditioning program. Winter lacrosse includes two days of team work and five days of strength, conditioning, and yoga. We will also enter in small-sided tournaments to increase game reps in the off-season.

Facilities & Staffing

We compete and train on Cunningham turf field with our team rooms alongside the field. Our athletic facilities can accommodate winter indoor training to enable a year-round training. Our Athletics Department is staffed with three lacrosse coaches, two athletics trainers, two sport performance coaches, a sports information director, an equipment manager, three facilities managers, and three athletics directors. The staff support rivals most college athletics departments.