Campus Life

Afternoon Activities

The Hill School firmly believes that education continues outside the classroom. To that end, and in support of our mission to educate students “for life”, our afternoon activity requirement involving athletics, arts, or community service is consider co-curricular rather than extra-curricular. Working with teammates or friends towards a win, an excellent performance or exhibition, or in service to others provides unparalleled learning experiences and character development.

With The Hill School's co-curricular afternoon requirement, all students must participate in an afternoon activity each term. Students have the option to play an interscholastic sport, participate in a non-interscholastic athletic activity, manage an athletics team, participate in community service, take part in a theatre production (Afternoon Arts), help design The Dial yearbook, and more. 

Learn more about our co-curricular afternoon activity options below.

Non-Athletic Co-Curricular Activities

Afternoon Tech Time
Winter and Spring Terms
The Hill School’s underwater robotics team creates Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Students will design and build an ROV that will simulate missions in some marine environment. We need designers, electronics experts, pilots, problem-solvers, creative types for this effort. A passion for any of oceanography, nautical engineering, electricity, mechanics, remote sensing, the environment, and a passion for having fun are all welcome. This very hands-on competition requires students to build state of the art ROVs that will compete to complete specific and complex mission tasks in a variety of human endeavors.

The Dial (Yearbook)
Fall and Winter Terms; Requires Approval; Fifth and Sixth formers only

Forensics (Speech and Debate)
Fall and Winter Terms

Media Arts
Winter Term, requires approval, limited enrollment
Fundamentally, media art is about exploring artistic ideas that conceptually and practically contribute to the growing media landscape. In 2018, the first generation of media artists created and produced webisodes, screen plays, television scripts, podcasts, blogs, and original music. Additionally, media art encompasses the graphic arts (comic, novel). Media art accommodates any emerging media that encourages fresh ideas. Throughout the term, some students will create art for a Media Art Marketplace – a website curated by the artists – that showcases their creative endeavors.

Honors Independent Study (Full-year)
Requires approval, sixth formers only.  An Honors Independent Study will full a student’s afternoon activity for the entire year.

Non-Interscholastic Athletic Activities

Winter Term
Requires Approval; priority will be given to returning members of the spring racing team.  Students must participate in two seasons of interscholastic play at Hill and make a varsity-level commitment in at least one of those sports.

Winter Term

Freestyle Wrestling
Spring Term, approval required.  Students must participate in two seasons of interscholastic play at Hill and must make a varsity-level commitment in at least one of those sports.

Intramural Basketball
Winter Term

Intramural Ultimate Disc
Spring Term

Strength and Conditioning
Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms; Requires approval from athletic directors, upper formers given priority.  Students must participate in two seasons of interscholastic play at Hill and must make a varsity-level commitment in at least one of those sports. 

Student Trainers
Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms; Requires Approval

Injury Rehabilitation
Students who have suffered an injury may need to be in the training room doing a rehab plan set form by the Athletic Trainers.  This is approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Alternate Activity
Requires Approval. Students who wish to participate in an afternoon activity outside of our offerings must petition the athletic department using the Alternate Activity Petition. Alternate Activities do not fulfill Hill’s interscholastic requirement. Alternate activities may include sports not offered at Hill, or truly unique opportunities to pursue an interest beyond the Hill program such as cycling, equestrian, etc. The student’s talent and prior accomplishment always is crucial in deciding these requests. Permissions will not be allowed to compromise the Mid-Atlantic Prep League and Hill’s emphasis on multi-sport participation, with clearly defined seasons for all sports.

Pottstown Community Service

Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms
This afternoon activity provides an opportunity to serve the greater community as well as learn about The Hill’s distinctive Hobart’s Run neighborhood improvement initiative. A 501(c)(3), Hobart's Run was launched by The Hill in 2016 to work with residents through projects that create a clean, safe, and inclusive community; provide incentives for home ownership and improvements; and generate positive, sustainable commercial and retail development. Opportunities may include visiting residents of the Manatawny Manor assisted living home; contributing to the restoration of historic Edgewood Cemetery; mentoring children and youths at the Ricketts Center; tutoring children of immigrant families; and participating in the Pottstown Area Social Innovations Lab by brainstorming about practical solutions to local concerns. Students will assist with publicizing community events and take part in neighborhood clean-ups, and they will be asked to keep a weekly reflection journal about their experiences.

Afternoon Arts

Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms; Application or Audition required for music, visual art, and theatre
The Afternoon Arts program is for serious and dedicated students who will consistently demonstrate excellence, discipline, and artistry.  Drive and committed fifth and sixth form students may apply to participate in three-terms of Afternoon Arts in one discipline.  The deadlines to apply are August 15 for three-term distinction, September 1 for the fall term, and midnight the day before varsity tryouts for winter and spring terms.  Go here for more information.