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Afternoon Activities

The Hill School firmly believes that education continues outside the classroom. To that end, and in support of our mission to educate students “for life”, our afternoon activity requirement involving athletics, arts, or community service is consider co-curricular rather than extra-curricular. Working with teammates or friends towards a win, an excellent performance or exhibition, or in service to others provides unparalleled learning experiences and character development.

With The Hill School's co-curricular afternoon requirement, all students must participate in an afternoon activity each term. Students have the option to play an interscholastic sport, manage an athletics team, participate in community service, take part in a theatre production (Afternoon Arts), help design The Dial yearbook, and more. 

Each co-curricular activity has a specific requirements that must be fulfilled based on the student's grade level. Learn more about our co-curricular afternoon activity options below.

Other Co-Curricular Afternoon Activities (Robotics, Yearbook, Fencing, etc.) *click to expand

Afternoon Tech Time: Winter and spring terms The Hill School’s underwater robotics team creates Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Students will design and build an ROV that will simulate missions in some marine environment. We need designers, electronics experts, pilots, problem-solvers, creative types for this effort. A passion for any of oceanography, nautical engineering, electricity, mechanics, remote sensing, the environment, and a passion for having fun are all welcome. This very hands-on competition requires students to build state of the art ROVs that will compete to complete specific and complex mission tasks in a variety of human endeavors.

Forensics (Speech and Debate): Fall and winter terms Hill Forensics competes in both speech and debate competitions. Debate is competitive arguing. One person or team advocates for a given topic and the other person or team refutes the topic. An independent judge decides which team did the better job at advancing their argument and refuting their opponent’s arguments. Hill competes in Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum styles. Speech events are less interactive and involve presenting a dramatic, humorous, informative, or persuasive speech for a judge. Many accomplished people like Supreme Court justices, former presidents, and even Oprah Winfrey competed in high school Forensics. This is an excellent activity for any student who wants to work on their critical thinking, communication, research skills, or creativity. Participants are expected to attend daily practice, prepare position papers on both sides of a given topic, find suitable speech materials or write them, and attend competitions regularly. 

The Dial: Fall and winter terms; requires approval from Mrs. Richards. The Dial is the Hill’s yearbook, published once annually and distributed the day of the Strawberry Festival in May. Fifth and sixth form students who work on The Dial learn about journalism from both the graphic design and editorial points of view. The book is a chronicle of a school year at Hill, as told through both photographs, words, and page design.

Crew: Rowing Strength-Endurance (winter) The winter crew program will be a rigorous combination of indoor rowing on the Concept 2 ergometer, weight-lifting, running, and other strength-endurance work to prepare for a spring season (interscholastic) of racing on the water.

Fencing: Winter term only. Students are responsible for providing own equipment. Limited to 24 students. Will meet for one hour per day in the fitness room and/or gyms. Will teach kids the basics of fencing.

Intramural Volleyball: Spring term only. Fifth and sixth formers only. Fitness Volleyball is an activity in which students will learn and play the game of volleyball in Sweeney Gym.

Media Arts: Winter term only. Fundamentally, media art is about exploring artistic ideas that conceptually and practically contribute to the growing media landscape. In 2018, the first generation of media artists created and produced webisodes, screen plays, television scripts, podcasts, blogs, and original music. Additionally, media art encompasses the graphic arts (comic, novel). Media art accommodates any emerging media that encourages fresh ideas. Throughout the term, some students will create art for a Media Art Marketplace  - a website curated by the artists – that showcases their creative endeavors. Media artists are not required to publish or present work or products for public consumption. Enrollment limited. 

Ultimate Frisbee: Spring term only. Activity in which students will learn and play the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Strength and Conditioning: Fall, winter, and spring terms. Requires approval of Director of Athletics (Mr. Hollway or Mr. Eilberg). Please contact Coach Notebaert for requirements approval. Strength and Conditioning is for The Hill athlete who wants to improve conditioning and sport-specific skills in their only off-season. Students must participate in two seasons of interscholastic play at Hill and must make a varsity-level commitment in at least one of those sports. Student-athletes will have the support of our Strength Coach; are encouraged to do sport-specific skill workouts; will have a weekly yoga class to work on flexibility and core strength; and may pursue any opportunities available for club team play.

Alternate Activities: Students who wish to participate in an afternoon activity outside of our offerings must petition the Director of Athletics stating the reasons for the request and for what term(s) one is seeking approval for. Alternate activities may include sports not offered at Hill, or truly unique opportunities to pursue an interest beyond the Hill program such as cycling, equestrian, glass blowing, etc. The student’s talent and prior accomplishment always is crucial in deciding these requests. Permissions will not be allowed to compromise the Mid-Atlantic Prep League and Hill’s emphasis on multi-sport participation, with clearly defined seasons for all sports.

Honors Independent Study: Students can request to opt out of a season of afternoon activities if conducting an Honors Independent Study.

The following activities are offered in the afternoon and DO fulfill the athletics requirement:

Managing: Fall, winter, and spring terms Fifth and sixth formers may manage an interscholastic sports team to fulfill their athletics requirement.

Rehab: Students who have suffered an injury may need to be in the training room doing a rehab plan set forth by our athletics trainers. This is approved on a case-by-case basis depending on the type of injury and rehab plan

Student Trainers: Fall, winter, and spring terms Students may use a term to volunteer in the Athletics Training program. Under the guidance of our athletics trainers, students will gain experience in all aspects of athletics training.