Campus Life


True to our family boarding school heritage, Hill provides a second home for our students and faculty. Our large dormitories and small boarding houses are at the core of the residential experience and become more than a place where students sleep at the end of a busy day. A robust dormitory experience provides students with the opportunity to live alongside friends and faculty members who help them develop lifelong skills to navigate “college, careers, and life.”

The Hill School has six dormitory complexes of various sizes scattered across its campus.  At each end of campus is a housing village, which consists of four dormitory "homes" -- Dell Village is at the east end of campus, and Dutch Village is at the west end. Third formers (freshmen) traditionally live in these areas; likewise, fourth formers (sophomores) live together in Foster (boys) and Rolfe (girls) to maximize interaction and the ability to form strong friendships with one another during their first years on campus. Fifth and sixth form (junior and senior) students live together in Wendell, Davy Hall, and Upper School.

Depending on layout and size, each dormitory or hall has two or four prefects, fifth and sixth form students who serve as student-leaders and assist in supervising the dorm.  Faculty and their families also reside in the dorm.  In Dell and Dutch Villages, faculty families live in homes attached to the dorm; in all other dorms, faculty reside in apartments on each hall.

Each dormitory has a shared bathroom facility and large common rooms that have couches, TVs, a refrigerator, and group games such as Foosball and ping-pong tables. There also are washers and dryers in each dormitory. Similar to living room at home, this is where students relax, watch movies, play video games, do group study, and enjoy other Family Night activities. Dorm meetings also are held in the common rooms.  All dormitories at Hill are single sex. The School has a strict co-ed visitation policy that is limited to common rooms during certain hours of the day. 

Dorm cookout on the Quad outside of Upper School Dormitory.

Playing Spike Ball on the soccer pitch outside of Rolfe Dormitory.

Dell Village:  Dell Village comprises four dormitories - Senter, Ferenbach, Lowndes, and Scheerer - which house 12 students and a faculty family. The buildings are connected by a beautiful center courtyard and the Harvey Garden. Located on the east end of campus, Dell Village are the first dormitories families see upon entering campus.
Dorm Parents: Mr. Spencer, Mr. Bala, Mr. Hoffman, Dr. Rinkevich, and Ms. Walther. 

Dutch Village: Dutch Village is located at the west end of campus behind the Alumni Chapel.  Similar to Dell Village, there are four home-like dormitories in Dutch Village - Robins, Johnson, Sherrerd, and Markle - that each house 12-14 students and one faculty family.
Dorm Parents: The Rev. Confer Martens, Dr. Toomey, Mr. Yinger, Ms. Campbell, and Mr. Steinman.

Davy Hall: Davy Hall in our temporary residence hall that is located between the CFTA and the Sweeney Gym. It houses 28 fifth and sixth form female students. 
Dorm parents: Ms. McConney, Ms. Bearrows, Ms. Qiu, and Ms. Berryer 

Foster Dormitory:  Foster Dormitory sits on the east end of campus at the edge of the soccer pitch. With five halls and four faculty apartments, roughly 50 male students reside in Foster. 
Dorm parents: Mr. Doer, Mr. Mullen, Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Bala

Hunt Upper School: The oldest and largest residence hall on campus, Hunt Upper School is located on the Quad. It underwent extensive renovations in the late 1970s, and was renovated again in 2009 when the fourth floor was converted to add an additional hall. Home to nearly 140 students, Upper School is divided into two separate buildings: Upper School East houses girls, and Upper School West houses boys.
Dorm Parents: Mrs. Baumgarten, Ms. Dauphinais, Mrs. O'Brien, Ms. Ribeiro, Mrs. Snyder, Mr. Harter and Ms. Belasco, Mr. Scully, and Mr. DeLucia.

Rolfe Dormitory: Similar to Foster, Rolfe Dormitory overlooks the soccer pitch. Fourth form female students reside in the five halls of Rolfe.
Dorm Parents: Dr. Miller, Ms. LaMarca, Ms. Ruane , and Ms. Hurst

Wendell Dormitory:  Located at the west end of the soccer pitch, roughly 55 male students reside on the three halls in Wendell.
Dorm Parents: Mr. Higginbotham, Dr. Rhodes, and Mr. Schiavone