Campus Life

Packing Checklist

This is most Hill boarding students' first experience living away from home. Therefore we encourage students to make the dorm rooms as similar to their rooms at home as possible. Favorite posters, photos of family and friends, plants, and a favorite pillow or blanket are a few of the comforts of home students may want at The Hill.

Student dormitory rooms have some basic items that every student needs for safety, comfort and the ability to function within a residential community. Our student rooms come in all shapes and sizes. With the exception of a few rooms, all of our dorm rooms are doubles. Living in a dormitory community with other teenagers will help you develop important life skills, as well as independence.

Below you will find an outline of what items your room will have, items you will need to bring, items you may want to bring, and most importantly, items you should not bring. Please be sure to read through this list carefully.

Dormitory Furnishings: The School provides basic furnishings for residential living -- window blinds and/or shades, standard size twin bed and mattress (extra-long mattresses will be provided by request), desk, chair, wastebasket, dresser, and closet space per person. However, here are a few additions to help you feel at home. A printer is provided in every dorm for student use. Please note: Dormitory rooms are not air conditioned. We suggest students bring a fan, such as a standard-size window fan, to keep cool in the warm months.

Teenage girl unpacking items in dormitory room with friends

• XL Twin sheets - 2 sets
• Mattress cover
• Blanket
• Pillows
• Bedspread, comforter
• Sleeping bag **THIRD and SIXTH formers only for overnight retreats.


• Towels/washcloths
• Shower caddy (personal items may not be stored in bathrooms)
• Shower sandals/flip flops
• Personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, etc.)
• Disinfectant wipes (i.e. Clorox wipes)
• Hand sanitizer 
• Tissues


Dress Code items 
• Winter jacket
• Gloves, scarf, winter hat
• Clothes hangers
• Rain/snow boots
• Umbrella
• Laundry bag
• Laundry detergent, stain remover, dryer sheets (if you are not using the laundry service)
• Clothes drying rack
• Small sewing kit
• Under-the-bed bins or storage crates

Desk & School Supplies:

• Traditional alarm clock is required for third form boarding students
• Energy-efficient desk lamp
• School supplies (i.e., pens, binders, notebooks, highlighters, stapler, etc.)
• USB or flash drive
• Stamps/envelopes/address book
• Calendar/assignment book/planner
• Backpack/tote bag
• 3-prong extension cord (UL approved)
• 3-prong power strip and surge protector
• Flashlight
• Dry erase markers (these may not be shared during COVID-19 restrictions)

Food/Food items:

• Snacks (with sealable containers to store leftovers)
• Drinks (water/sports drinks/ soda)
• Reusable mug/cup/water bottle
• Dishes/bowls/plates/utensils
• Environmentally-friendly dishwashing liquid/sponge
• (2) reusable water bottles with names clearly on them

Medical/Health Related Items:

• 10 solid color or pattern cloth face masks without words, symbols, or logos of any sort *required for possible need during the year
• First aid kit
• Necessary medications (Note: prescription pain and psychotropic medications must be stored at the Wellness Center)
• A thermometer 

Other Items You Don’t Need, But Many Students Like to Have:

• Fan, including standard size window fan (dorms are not air conditioned)
• Decorations (must be hung so as not to damage walls or paint or create fire hazards)
• Pictures from home
• Bed table
• Non-toxic cleaning supplies (disinfectant, cleaning spray and/or wipes)
• Cell phone and charger
• Headphones for use during study hall (noise-cancelling; earbuds not recommended)
• Books for pleasure reading
• Board games and a deck of cards
• Sunscreen and sunglasses
• Bug spray
• Snow/rain boots
• Sports equipment like a tennis racket, Frisbee, golf clubs, ice skates

Items That Are NOT Permitted (which may lead to disciplinary action):

• 3D printers  •  Air conditioners  •  Alcohol, nicotine, illegal substances, and accessories  •  Any networking hardware such as hubs, routers, and switches  • Candles/incense • Coffee makers of any kind  •  Darts and dart boards  •  Drones  •  External monitors over 27”  •  Firearms, weapons, or paint guns (including BB guns, air guns, hunting rifles, ammunition, bows, arrows, or knives)  •  Fireworks or explosives  •  Fog machines • Halogen lamps/bulbs  •  Hot pots/plates, including George Foreman Grills  •  Hoverboards/Electric skateboards  •  Immersion coils  •  Iron  •  Lava lamps  •  Lighters/matches  •  Mercury thermometers  •  Media stream devices (Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc.)  •  Microwave ovens  •  Non-approved prescription drugs •  Power tools  •  Projectors  •  Refrigerator  •  Space heaters  •  Sun lamps  •  Tattooing tools and accessories  •  Toasters/toaster ovens or any kitchen electrical appliance  •  TV/DVD Players  •  Water dispenser/delivery • Wireless access points or extenders  •  • Voice assistant devices (Amazon Echo, Dot, Google Home, etc.)