Campus Life

Day Student Life

It's important for day students to take advantage of all the unique opportunities offered after school -- go eat dinner with your friends in the dining hall, hang in the dorm with your boarding friends, or go study with a study group in the library. Even though I go home after every day, I still feel like I am experiencing the family boarding school aspect of Hill.Kenny '22

Approximately 20 percent of the students at The Hill are day students. Whether they drive themselves to school, carpool with other families, or ride the transportation provided by their local school district, day students are an integral part of The Hill School community.
In fact, for many local students, about the only thing that differentiates them from the boarders is that they don’t sleep on campus! Day students arrive for first period class and, while they may depart after their sports practices in the afternoon, many choose to stay through the evening to study in the library, eat dinner with friends, get extra help from a teacher, or attend a guest speaker or theatre production in the Center For The Arts.

Day students look forward to fulfilling Hill's one-year boarding requirement (most often during their sixth form year), which allows them to grow even closer to their peers and to the faculty members who live on campus. Many day students investigate the possibility of boarding for more than one year as they quickly become involved in the myriad academic, athletics, and social offerings of the community.

Student playing pool in the Student Center

The Student Center and the Grille

The hub of student life at The Hill School is the Student Center and its Grille. Located on the lower level of the Academic Center, this is a relaxing place for day students to socialize between classes and during free times throughout the academic day and evening.

The Student Center is open from 7 a.m. until the nightly check-in time. The Student Center houses the Grille — a great place to purchase sandwiches, a quick snack, juice or coffee and other refreshments — an ATM, large-screen television, lounge chairs, and group study areas. It is the main location for a variety of on-campus activities including: student band concerts; board game or trivia nights; karaoke; and viewing big sporting events (Super Bowl, World Series, etc.).