Campus Life

Dress Code

The Hill School sets a high standard for students in their dress and appearance to express pride in themselves and their respect for one another.
Academic Dress will be worn throughout the academic day whenever students are in an academic or public area. Also it will be worn for Chapel services, sit-down meals, required performances, or any other designated occasion. Students will wear academic dress beginning with breakfast through the final class whether or not a student has completed all class obligations. Guidelines for academic casual and casual dress are listed at the bottom of the page.

Female Students:

  • Blazer
    • A Hill varsity letter sweater may be worn instead of a blazer.
  • Collared oxford shirt a double placket-front shirt joined with buttons
    • Conservatively buttoned (no more than one unbuttoned), with no visible undergarments
    • Shirttails that extend below the blazer must be tucked in.
    • A turtleneck may be substituted for an oxford shirt in the winter term only.
  • Pants (khaki, chino, or corduroy - any color)
  • Skirt/Dress
    • No shorter than mid-thigh length.
    • Tights must be worn with skirts during winter term and upon notification for certain events.
  • Dresses may be worn Wednesdays, Saturdays, and at seated dinners
    • A conservative dress may be worn under the blazer.
    • V-neck or strapless dresses are not allowed.
    • Necklines must be at the collarbone.
  • Leather dress shoes with a back
    • Boots may be worn during the winter term or inclement weather.

Male Students:

  • Blazer
    •  Hill varsity letter sweater may be worn instead of a blazer.
  • Dress shirt
    • Shirt must be tucked in and buttoned completely.
    • A turtleneck may be substituted for a shirt and tie in the winter term only.
  • Tie properly tightened 
  • Pants (khaki, chino, or corduroy - any color)
    • Must be worn with a leather belt or a Hill School belt.
  • Leather dress shoes
    • A polished leather loafer is ideal.
    • While leather boat shoes (Sperry, Docksides, Top-siders) are acceptable for Academic Dress,  a pair of more formal leather dress shoes with a back are needed for special occasions. 
    • Boots may be worn during the winter term or inclement weather.
  • Socks must be worn during the fall and winter terms and upon notification for certain events.

Academic Casual Dress

Academic Casual Dress is intended to be less formal attire for certain occasions when a blazer (and tie for boys) is not required. It may only be worn when announced to the community for events such as evening performances, dress down academic days, evening meals, or other designated events.

In addition to Academic Dress clothing, Academic Casual may include:

  • Collared polo shirt.
  • Conservative dress, as specified under Academic Dress.
  • Casual shoes, such as canvas boat shoes or Toms.
    • No athletic shoes.
    • No sandals or flip-flops.
  • On certain occasions these additional options will allowed:
    • Dress shorts with 5" inseam or longer.
    • Leather sandals or leather flip-flops.

Casual Dress

Casual Dress may be worn at buffet meals, on weekends, and during evening free time. Students should always dress respectably and remain respectful of the sensitivities of others. Clothing should be conservative and not revealing in any way. Bare midriffs, halter and tube tops, tank tops, short shorts, cuttoffs, flannel pants or other sleepwear are not permitted outside the dorm at any time. Students are expected to change clothes before coming to the Dining Room after athletic activity.

Other Dress Code Guidelines

  • Hair should be groomed (neat and clean). Radical hairstyles and colors are not permitted.
  • Boys’ hair may not be longer than collar length.
  • Boys are to be clean shaven every day. 
  • Outdoor jackets, tank tops and other sleeveless tops, team uniforms, and practice clothing
    may not be worn in the Dining Room.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings at any time.
  • Body piercing is not allowed.
  • Students are not permitted to get tattooed while under the jurisdiction of the School.  
    Tattoos may not be visible in academic or academic casual dress.
  • Hats may not be worn inside buildings.
  • Any apparel that is ripped or torn or contains liquor, drug, or sexual references may not be worn.
  • Shoes are required in all public areas.
  • Visible underwear is inappropriate on all occasions.
  • Boys are required to wear shirts at all times.
  • Pajama bottoms should not be worn outside the dormitory.

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