Campus Life

Dress Code

The Hill School sets a high standard for students in their dress and appearance to express pride in themselves and their respect for one another.
Academic Dress will be worn throughout the academic day whenever students are in an academic or public area. Also it will be worn for Chapel services, sit-down meals, required evening performances, or any other designated occasion. Students will wear Academic Dress beginning with breakfast through the final class whether or not a student has completed all class obligations. Guidelines for academic casual and casual dress are listed at the bottom of the page.
While the dress code is defined by gender, the School recognizes that not all students express their gender in line with their biological sex and thus supports any student’s expression of gender within the spirit of the dress code. It is important that students genuinely adhere to this expectation.

Required for ALL Students:

  • Blazer or athletics/arts Major-H sweater.
  • Pants or skirt:
    • Pants may be khaki, chino, or corduroy (any color) with a leather belt or Hill School belt.
    • Skirt length must be at least to midpoint between hip and knee.
  • Students who identify as male must wear a necktie properly tightened; students may not wear the official striped Hill School Tie until awarded at the Alumni Induction Ceremony.
  • Dress shirt or oxford shirt:
    • Students required to wear a tie must have shirt fully buttoned and shirttails tucked in.
    • Students not required to wear a tie may have top button open and shirttails untucked if covered by blazer.
  • Leather dress shoes with a back.
    • Socks (visible and appropriate for dress shoes) are required during Fall and Winter Term for students who identify as male.

Winter Term Requirements/Options

  • Tights must be worn with skirts and dresses.
  • A full turtleneck shirt may be substituted for a shirt (and tie, if applicable).
  • Winter boots may be substituted for leather dress shoes (also appropriate for inclement weather in other terms).

Special Occasions and Other Options

  • A conservative dress with a blazer may be worn on Wednesdays and at seated dinners; necklines must be at the collarbone; v-neck or strapless dresses not permitted.
  • Students who identify as male may be required to wear visible socks for special programming in the Spring Term.
  • Students who identify as female may wear earrings in their ears; other visible piercings are not permitted for any students.

Prohibited Items:

  • Exposed undergarments, e.g. camisoles and tank tops.
  • Sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts, flannel shirts, or t-shirts worn over dress shirts.
  • Denim (all colors), spandex, leggings, jeggings, or other form-fitting pants.
  • Sleeveless oxford shirts unless covered by a blazer at all times.
  • Moccasins, Toms, canvas Sperry-type boat shoes, and leather/canvas shoes with laces.
  • Tube or bandeau skirts.