Leadership at The Hill School
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Leadership at The Hill

Leadership is giving opportunities – large or small – for students to lead their peers and to have conversations with adults in our community about what it means to be a leader.B.J. Keefer | Director of Leadership Programs and the Cleveland Leadership Center

The Cleveland Leadership Center

The Cleveland Leadership Center, located in the Athey Academic Center, was established in 2021 through the generosity of Barbara and Tom Cleveland ’64. The Leadership Development Program provides hands-on opportunities for Hill students to develop leadership skills, create their own vision, network with Hill alumni, and workshop new ideas into meaningful programs and events. Student groups such as Student Government Association, Honor Council, Student Activities, prefects, and program captains gather in this dynamic and comfortable space for idea sharing, training, and mentorship opportunities.

Leadership Development Program

Emerging Leaders

The goal for this program is to help define what leadership development is and the skills necessary for students to be successful whether leading by title or by motto and creed. This program can enhance the co-curricular experiences of those students who participate and strengthen our campus organizations. Student leaders will be better prepared to lead their peers and will take these skills to other campus organizations which provide programs and services to the entire student body.

The Leadership Summit 

The Leadership Summit is a one-day training session for all student leaders held during orientation at the start of each school year. The summit is organized by the Leadership Advisory Council, a group of six students (two from the sixth, fifth, and fourth forms) and consists of a keynote speaker in the morning, followed by leadership courses led by members of The Hill School faculty. The Summit addresses topics such as teamwork, decision making, mental health, and so many more.

The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC)

The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is composed of 12 students (fourth through sixth form) who are tasked with reviewing grant applications and awarding annual grants to local non-profit organizations. Through weekly meetings, the SPC reviews and discusses each application and conducts interviews with the non-profit leaders to get a holistic view of the organizations. This process culminates in one “Great Debate” where the council decides which grants will be awarded. In 2024, the Council was fortunate enough to award $28,000 to 11 local non-profits covering areas of food insecurity, homelessness, mental and physical health, and Pottstown pride, among others. The grants are presented by council members during an All-School Meeting each spring. To be elected to serve on the SPC, interested students must go through a rigorous application and interview process.

The following are defined leadership roles, though there are many ways to demonstrate leadership around campus:
  • Prefects
  • Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Honor Council
  • Student Philanthropy Council
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Council
  • Fellows: Writing Center, Mathematics, World Languages, and Classics
  • Students Advocating for Mental Health (SAMH)
  • Club Leaders
  • The Hill Athletics Association (HAA)
  • Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)
  • Orientation groups
  • Student Life Association
  • Blue Crew
  • Student Alumni Ambassador Program (SAAP)