Campus Life
March 30 - April 9, 2022

Students returned from an extended spring break on Wednesday, March 30. On Friday, April 1, we hosted the first of three Revisit Days. Accepted students and their families visited campus for the day and had the opportunity to attend classes, talk with coaches and program leaders, and enjoy seated lunch in the Dining Hall. 

Sunday evening marked the beginning of Hill's Inclusion Week with Young Voices Poetry Night. Students gathered in the Warner Center to enjoy fellowship and listen to classmates and friends read their original poetry.

We hosted two additional Revisit Days programs on Monday, April 4 and Thursday, April 7.

On Saturday, students and faculty enjoyed an International Culture Expo with special cuisine and arts from around the world, as well as a Color Run in celebration of Holi, the Hindu festival. That evening, the fun continued with a cookout a karaoke at the Warner Center.



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