Campus Life
December 6 through 12, 2021 (H Term)

Students enjoyed a break from their normal routine as The Hill School's H Term was in full swing this week. Mr. Spencer and Dr. Ehsan let students get creative while designing concepts for a tabletop game in their Designing Tabletop Games for Diverse Players course. Students in Mrs. Neese's Life 101 class learned how to read recipes and bake cookies. Dr. Pearson and Mr. Mellander took advantage of the warmer weather to teach students the art of flyfishing right here on campus. Indoors, the common room of Rolfe Dormitory is getting a makeover thanks to Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Johnson, and students in the Interior Design & Home Styling course.  

Outside of classes, students had a variety of things to discover and enjoy on and off campus. On Thursday night, interested students gathered in the Warner Center for a fun evening of making Bubble Tea. A sunny Sunday afternoon made for a great day to travel into Philadelphia for ice skating in Dillworth Park. The cast and crew of Gypsy, Hill's fall musical, walked down the "blue carpet" of the Center For The Arts to watch the recording of their performance in the theatre.

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