Campus Life
Opening of School 2021

We are thrilled to have all 544 students on campus for in-person learning! This year, we welcomed students to campus in phased arrival days. Student leaders arrived on Thursday, Sept. 2 to prepare for the many activities that were planned throughout the weekend for new students; theatre bootcamp students also arrived on this day. We kicked off our first-ever Third Form Orientation when we welcomed our youngest class of students to campus on Friday, Sept. 3. Third formers had an opportunity to get acclimated to campus and meet new friends throughout the weekend by participating in many fun group activities.  

New students and families who arrived on campus on Saturday, September and Sunday, September 5 were greeted by enthusiastic students welcoming them to The Hill! Returning students arrived on Monday, September 2, and immediately reconnected with old friends and set forth to make new ones.

On Saturday, September 3, after only two days of rehearsal, 38 theatre students welcomed new third form and international students by presenting "Club Disney: A Theatre Bootcamp Experience." This one-hour performance included 19 Disney songs reimagined as club hits for a fun dance party! View a recording of this show.

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