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Hill School Chapel Talks

Attending Chapel is one of The Hill’s most treasured traditions. Sixth formers and faculty take to the lectern each week and offer the community the most inspiring, reflective, insightful, and sometimes comedic talks. Most are posted here on our website for all to enjoy. Take a listen - you won’t be disappointed.

October 11, 2019: Shivam Sachdeva '20 (Vineland, N.J.)

Be You. It is never easy to be yourself. It is even harder when you’re told to be yourself, but don’t even know who that is, and are told by society that the self you think you are, is unacceptable. But the moment you accept yourself and who you are, everything will wash away because you are in control -- you have found yourself, and you are the beautiful you!  

Listen Here >> about October 11, 2019: Shivam Sachdeva '20 (Vineland, N.J.)