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Students Advocating for Mental Health (SAMH)

Students Advocating for Mental Health (SAMH) is a student-led committee of 15 students in the fourth through sixth forms. Under the guidance of Director of Counseling Lisa Roethling, the SAMH Committee is a platform for members to inform the student body on the parameters of The Hill’s various mental health programs and for community members to voice concerns. The SAMH Committee is an action-oriented student group that brings awareness to the student body regarding topics of mental health through visual engagement initiatives, events, and advocating for the student body’s voice.

SAMH Committee Purpose, Objectives, Roles

Student Leaders of SAMH:

Angela Jin '24, Co-Chair

I joined The Hill community during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when an astonishing number of individuals were experiencing trouble maintaining their mental wellness due to the lack of social interactions. Seeing and experiencing this phenomenon upset me, and I hoped to become a driving force of change to improve the situation. Becoming a part of SAMH and growing into a leader of the team was my approach to fostering a better community. Through my work with SAMH, I wish to serve The Hill community’s needs, to support the students’ well-being, and to address the underlying issues that may negatively impact my peer’s mental health. 

Terry Shao '24, Co-Chair

As SAMH co-chair, my hope is for SAMH's mission and events to be tailored to our student body’s needs. Through a research-driven and informed approach, I aspire to spread mental health awareness and support the student body to the fullest. I joined SAMH because I want to create a community where students feel that their voices are heard and recognized. Through conversations with friends, peers, and teammates, I've realized that as a community, we need to dedicate more time towards nurturing and taking care of our mental health. I hope to serve Hill's community well and help each member of our community feel more supported throughout their own journeys at Hill.

Caroline Grable '25 | Secretary
Caylie Zigner '25 | Arts Representative
Sarah Anthony '24 | Athletics Representative
Lara Scott '24 | Event Director
Cici Fang '24 | Lead Artist