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Sustainability at The Hill School

At The Hill School, the term sustainability means having policies and strategies that meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Another definition created by John Elkington suggests that sustainable organizations measure their success not only based on financial performance but also by their impact on the broader economy, the environment, and on the society in which they operate.

The Hill School is striving to increase efficiency and minimize waste. These endeavors not only help to reduce operational costs, but also to further The Hill School’s mission. As a school, The Hill is committed to serving the common good and preparing students to lead as citizens of the world. Upon graduation, students will enter a world with a limited amount of resources and a growing population. Informing students about conserving energy and efficiently using resources will aid Hill graduates in making complicated decisions in both their personal and professional lives.

For questions regarding sustainability, please contact High Meadows Chair of Sustainability Bill Yinger'95 at

Sustainability news at The Hill and around the world

The mission of Hill's sustainability program is to prepare students to tackle complex environmental, economic, and social challenges by:

1.   Raising awareness and promoting the greater good
2.   Integrating sustainability into all aspects of community life
3.   Providing opportunities for education, leadership, and service

Single-Stream Recycling Program

Our recycling program at The Hill is "single-stream," meaning that all recyclables go into the same container; there is no need to separate items such as cans, bottles, and plastics from newspaper and cardboard.

Recycling bins are in the common areas of all dorms and many other places across campus. (Our recycling bins are themselves made of recycled materials; over 1,000 milk jugs go into making each bin!)

Sustainable Dining

Our dining service practices have been a great area for an enhanced focus on sustainability over the past few years. Here are just a few of the great accomplishments being made in our dining service sustainability initiatives.