Campus Life

Weekends at The Hill

There are a lot of fun opportunities for students on the weekends. I've always loved going into Pottstown and working with the kids at the Boys' and Girls' Club on Saturdays. On campus, the whole School gets super excited for events like pep rallies!Amelia S.

There is always something fun happening on the weekends at The Hill! Students attend classes Monday through Friday afternoons. When the weekend comes, students look forward to having fun with friends, pursuing their artistic and athletic interests, or heading off campus to see a movie.
Friday evenings and Saturday mornings are reserved for “enrichment” opportunities on campus or within the Pottstown community. In addition to the activities noted below, faculty members also are encouraged to share their personal interests with students by leading an enrichment workshop, such as a cooking class in their home, or hosting an off-campus trip. This time also is set aside for students and faculty to participate in community service projects.
On- and off-campus weekend activities take place Saturday afternoon/evenings and Sundays and are planned by the Student Life Association in conjunction with faculty weekend crews. Many fun activities are offered throughout the school year that appeal to a wide variety of interests.
Students enjoy a weekend trip to Sky Zone

Weekend Activities:

  • On-campus events such as coffee house concerts, dances, food festivals, celebrations of special holidays, dorm competitions, and annual events like Mini-THON and Skate Against Cancer. 
  • Off-campus trips to local movie theatres, shopping centers, and restaurants; seasonal activities such as apple picking and skiing/tubing; trips to amusement parks, trampoline parks, bowling alleys; and more.
  • Day trips to nearby cities - Philadelphia; New York City; and Washington, D.C. - for cultural events, Broadway shows, sporting events, and shopping.

Enrichment Activities:

  • Meeting time for student-led clubs
  • Leadership workshops for prefects and athletics team captains  
  • The Center For The Arts and Woodshop are open for students to pursue creative endeavors
  • Extra help sessions are available in the Library, Writing Center, and Academic Office
  • All-school events, such as pep rallies, club fairs, or guest speakers
  • Religious gatherings (FOCUS, shabbat dinners, etc.); yoga and meditation sessions

Fun at a "Dorm Wars" pep rally!

Game Night!

Cooking with friends!