2020-21 Co-Curricular Activities Sign-Ups

Please select your co-curricular program for the fall, winter, and spring. While students may choose later to change their selection, your signups are due by July 20.  Thank you for your prompt completion of this form, as it will help us to plan for the upcoming year.
*Please be sure to use your Hill email below!

Our guiding principles are that students will have maximum opportunities to engage in meaningful activities and that all programs will support the health and wellness of each student. 

The form below lists the school's planned offerings for the upcoming school year.  For each season, please select the c0-curricular activity in which you wish to participate.  Please note that the status of the fall athletics season is tentative and the planned offerings are subject to change if interscholastic athletics competition is deemed to be unsafe.  In the event we are unable to compete interscholastically, we will offer training opportunities to our student-athletes; hold intramural competition if it is healthy to do so; and ensure the health and wellness of all students while they pursue their areas of interest.