Spring 2021 Return to Campus

Unlike many schools around the world, The Hill’s doors were open this fall and we provided a safe, healthy, and robust in-person experience for approximately 90% of our students.  While the pandemic predictably has worsened during the winter months, we are confident that conditions will rebound by March such that we can provide an even better on-campus experience throughout the Spring Term.  As such, with very limited exemptions, we are expecting and encouraging all of our students to participate in-person this spring.

It became evident this fall that The Hill experience, in every aspect, is greatly enhanced when we are together.  We certainly recognize that some students have individual priorities, concerns, and in some cases, restrictions outside of their control, that might make in-person participation an imperfect solution. Yet, we also know that one must sometimes make personal sacrifices to be part of a community, especially in difficult times.  This is made abundantly clear in the last stanza of our School song: “Back of each the strength of all.” 

Spring Term classes will begin on Monday, March 1.  Please see below to learn about (1) return-to-campus protocols and timelines for different categories of students; (2) our in-person participation expectation and limited exemptions; and (3) details of campus leaves.

If you have any changes to your existing plans or questions about the Spring Term, please contact the Deans’ Office at deans’office@thehill.org. Thank you.

Forms to Be Completed: