Preseason Information

Attendance at fall term preseason athletics is by invitation only. Our head varsity coaches invite student-athletes who are viable varsity candidates. However, student-athletes must understand that attendance at preseason does not guarantee a spot on a varsity roster. All sports will insist that preseason participants be willing to make a varsity-level commitment during that time; students need to have enough physical conditioning to complete two practices per day, and must realize that one of the goals of preseason is to prepare varsity teams for a demanding fall season.

New students who are skilled and dedicated to their sport may find that preseason also helps acclimate and orient them to The Hill, but that orientation is not the primary purpose of fall preseason practice. New students who are not prepared for the rigor of practice are better served by starting school on Thursday, September 7. If you have any questions concerning your appropriateness for preseason, please contact the head varsity coach of your sport (contact info below). All athletes must communicate directly with their head coach since the coach will present the Athletics Office with his/her preseason roster.

Preseason will begin Saturday, August 19 for football. Registration will be held in The Center For The Arts (CFTA) from 11 - 11:45 a.m. Preseason for the remaining fall teams (with the exception of golf) will begin Thursday, August 24. Registration will be from 10 a.m. - noon in the CFTA. You will receive more information on the full schedule for the entire preseason later this summer. Attendance at all practice sessions is mandatory throughout this preseason period.

Starting on Saturday, August 19 and Thursday, August 24 through Thursday, August 31, all attendees will be staying on campus. On August 31, year-long boarding students will move to their permanent rooms and day students will begin commuting. However, preseason practices will continue through Saturday, September 2. Football has a required team meeting for all players on Monday, September 4 at 4 p.m. All teams will have practice on the morning of Tuesday, September 5.

Important Note for Boarding Students: Boarding students who are NOT involved in leadership training who attend preseason or theatre Bootcamp may sign out to be off campus starting on Saturday, September 2 after their last commitmentThey must return in time for their next commitment (team practice, new student orientation, or required programming for all students) or by 7:15 p.m. Monday, September 4. Students involved in leadership training may not sign out, and all boarding students who attend preseason/bootcamp are welcome to remain in the dorms throughout this time.

Coaches' Contact Information:

Boys' Soccer: Mr. Kris Donaldson |

Girls' Soccer: Ms. Elena Dauphinais

Boys' Cross Country: Mr. Chris DeLucia

Field Hockey: Ms. Gabby Gomez |

Girls' Cross Country: Mr. Dan McMains |

Boys' Golf (no preseason): Mr. Joe Lagor |

Boys' Water Polo: Mr. Doug Jones |

Girls' Water Polo: Mr. Mark Nelson |

Girls' Tennis: Mr. Seth Eilberg |

Football: Mr. Mike Boyer |

Other Reminders:

  • All Health Forms must be submitted to the secure online portal by July 15. Students may not participate in athletics until all the forms have been completed.
  • You must bring bed linens, a pillow, and towels. We also recommend student-athletes bring extra bottled water or Gatorade, as well a fan. View our boarding student packing list for more information.
  • Please bring all necessary personal equipment for your sport (mouthguards, shin guards, etc).
  • There will be a swim test for all new students, so please bring a bathing suit.