Information for New Families

Below are important forms and other information for students and parents to review. All forms must be completed and returned prior to the start of the 2020-21 academic year. Please be sure to review the information on this entire page.

Use this printable checklist to help keep track of everything that needs to be completed for the start of the school year.

With the exception of the Health Forms, all forms are to be completed in MyBackpack or via The Hill School website. 

ALL STUDENT HEALTH FORMS:  All medical forms must be completed and mailed (not faxed or emailed) to The Hill by July 15.

Website Forms:

  • COVID-19 Summer Location Survey (Student):  Deadline is July 1.
  • Host/Guardian Form (Parent): Deadline is July 15.
  • Co-Curricular Activity Sign-up Form:  If you have not yet selected your co-curricular activities for the upcoming year or if you wish to change a selection, please email Ms. Gaitan and Mr. Notebaert. 

MyBackpack Forms: Some forms - Handbook Acknowledgement, Identity-Based Misconduct, and Afternoon Activity Sign-Ups - are not yet available in MyBackpack. We will notify you when these forms are available online. Thank you.

Login to MyBackpack using the information sent to you from the School. Go to "My Forms/Documents" and click "My Forms" to view a list of all forms that must be completed prior to the start of the school year.

  • Laptop/Tablet Approval Form:  Deadline is July 15.
  • Handbook Acknowledgement Form: To be completed by students and parents. Deadline is August 1.
  • Identity-Based Misconduct Form: To be completed by students and parents. Deadline is August 1.
  • Authorization for Release of Information Form:  Deadline is August 1.
  • Information Check & Emergency Contact Information:  To be completed by parents. Deadline is August 17.
  • Religious Background Form:  Deadline is August 17. 
  • Health Compact 

Information for Review:

Below is information about MyBackpack and a letter from the Wellness Center, as referenced in an email that was sent to new families on June 4, 2020. We encourage you to read this information carefully. 

QUESTIONS? Please Contact:

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Ms. Bo Kim

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