Volunteer Opportunities

The Hill School offers a variety of ways for parents to get involved life at the School. Committing to be a parent volunteer will give you an opportunity to become better acquainted with your child’s classmates and experience life at The Family Boarding School. Our parent volunteers are an important part of The Hill family, and each parent volunteer is essential to the School’s current and future success.

We invite you to sign-up for an opportunity that best suits your interests. Please complete the volunteer form below and Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement Shelley Baumgarten will reach out to you as opportunities become available. Please feel free to contact Shelley with questions, concerns, or ideas to share. She can be reached by phone at 610-705-1117 or by email at sbaumgarten@thehill.org.

We have opened our home to international students from The Hill, because it opens cultural doors for our family and creates relationships with students and their families.Joyce DeVol P'17 '21

The DeVol family and their Hill School host students during a holiday meal.