Parents' Guide to The Hill

Founded in 1851 as "The Family Boarding School," The Hill School is a purposefully small and close learning community - a place where academic excellence is based upon a challenging liberal arts curriculum; a faculty of highly qualified, dedicated teachers; and a structured atmosphere that blends high expectations with meaningful support. We encourage our student to become involved in all aspects of school life -- in the dormitories, in the classrooms, on the playing fields, on the stage, in the Dining Room, and in the Chapel. Within a few days of being on campus, students soon know how to find the answers for a myriad of questions. However, we understand that finding answers for questions can be harder for parents, especially those who live at great distances from the campus.

The Parents’ Guide to The Hill School is designed to help you understand The Hill School experience and support your child during these critical years. On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as suggestions about how to handle a variety of situations you and your child may encounter at The Hill.