Laundry Services

The Hill School offers all students the option to enroll in a weekly personal laundry service. Read a description of the service below.

The fee for this service is $870 for the 2019-20 academic year. This incidental charge will be billed to your student’s tuition account in 2 installments. The first half ($435) will be billed in September, and the remainder ($435) will be billed in January. *Dry cleaning charges are NOT included in this fee and will be billed separately per item.

Please note that whether or not you enroll in this laundry service, all boarding students are required to bring their own personal bedding including sheets (for a standard 72” single bed), pillowcases, blankets, and towels.

If you wish to enroll your son or daughter in the Personal Laundry Service, please complete the form below.

Laundry Services Form

Detailed Description of Laundry Services

The Hill School works with Solar Wash to provide students with personal laundry service. Details about this service are outlined below.​

  • There is an extra charge for having any items dry cleaned. A detailed list can be obtained by contacting Korinne Blackwell ( All items w/ “dry clean only” tags will be processed as such unless specifically requested by the student in writing. This is done at your own risk. The laundry services will not be responsible for any issues w/ items washed against the tag instructions.
  • All shirts and slacks are pressed and returned on hangers, other non-hanging garments are returned in a packaged bundle. All items are returned directly to the dorm.
  • There is a 48-hour laundry turnover (except dry cleaning which takes another laundry cycle). Any additional delays will be communicated via email as soon as we know about them.
  • All items are washed in warm water except dry cleaning which is specially processed. Be mindful that items may shrink. The laundry services will not be responsible for any shrinkage that occurs on normal wash instruction items. There are no exceptions.

The following guidelines apply to all students who sign up for the service:

  • Please use a light colored laundry bag. Please write your NAME at the bottom of the bag so that it is legible upon pick up.
  • Laundry must be put in the designated area by 9 a.m. on your dorm’s specified day. Once the laundry is picked up, the service will not return. Do not put your laundry in a different floor/dorm.
  • ​One standard size laundry bag full per pick up per student.
  • We recommend that students label all articles of clothing with their name.
  • You may NOT share this service with others. One student per account.
  • Please be sure to check all pockets for personal belongings such as pens, markers, IDcards, wallets, etc. before putting your laundry out for pick up. Although the service does check for these items, we ask that all students please check and double check your laundry for any of the above mentioned items. Also, do not put any wet item in your bag; this may lead to color bleeding between clothing.

Laundry service providers:
Solar Wash
1503 W. High St.
Stowe, PA 19464

These are provided for informative purposes only; please do NOT send payment or correspondence to the services. 

Korinne Blackwell in the Physical Plant serves as the liaison between the campus and the laundry services. She may be reached at 610-705-1233 or via email at for any questions or concerns.

Laundry Pick Up and Drop Off Schedule:

Monday:  Pick up Upper School, Drop off Dutch Village
Tuesday:  Pick up Rolfe and Foster
Wednesday:  Pick up Dell Dorms and Wendell, Drop off Upper School
Thursday:  Drop off Rolfe and Foster
Friday:  Pick up Dutch Village, Drop off Dell Dorms and Wendell