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Teen Talk: Parent Workshop Series

Throughout the year, the Counseling Center is offering a series of virtual workshops designed for parents on a variety of topics pertaining to student well-being. All workshops will take place via Zoom. Please click the Read More link for more information about each workshop.

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Teen Talk Highlight: Beyond High School Binge Drinking, Hazing, and Alcohol Overdose

Presented by Jill Maurer, National Development & Program Coordinator, The Gordie Center

Join Us Zoom on February 24, 2022 at 7 p.m.

As teens transition to college, statistically, rates of alcohol overdose increase significantly. Some fatal cases of hazing have been labeled as episodes of “binge drinking,” a term that suggests that the students who died of alcohol poisoning just used poor judgment and did not know when to stop drinking. It is more accurate to refer to such episodes as “ritualized drinking” in which there is systematic pressure applied to vulnerable new members that leads them to consume dangerous amounts of alcohol. This workshop is for parents of high school students entering college. We will explore the impacts of hazing and alcohol overdose. A member of the Gordie Foundation team will help you continue the conversation at home.

Last Month's Teen Talk: Disordered Eating and Athletes

The Counseling Office partnered with nationally renowned expert, Dr. Paula Quatromoni, DSc, RD-Boston University, in prevention education efforts for students, faculty, and parents around the topic of disordered eating. This Teen Talk is focused on helping parents understand how to help their teens fuel their bodies and communicate about sensitive topics relating to body image.

This prevention conversation focuses on the following:

  1.  Why nutrition should be on your radar screen for your high school student.
  2.  Taking personal responsibility for nutrition. Helping your teen learn how to nourish their body and making choices to fuel themselves for school, sports/performance, and life. Basic guidelines for eating competence and balanced eating.
  3.  Teaching teens to listen to their body’s wisdom and being less responsive to external messages, especially from social media.
  4.  The risks associated with under fueling, dieting, and disordered behaviors (eating and exercise), and who’s at risk (breaking stereotypes).
  5.  Encouraging help-seeking and how to support yourself/others (breaking stigma)
  6. Resource sharing

Parent Marijuana THC IMPACT Course:

Considering the rise in substance use among teens during the Pandemic, there is an excellent resource at your fingertips for marijuana and vaping information. The IMPACT program is a leader in the field of marijuana prevention and education.

Our hope is that the increased knowledge and skills that you gain from this course will help you engage meaningfully with your teen around the topics of marijuana and drug prevention in general.  Throughout the progression of this course you will engage with videos, charts, quizzes, and other information pertaining to marijuana education and prevention.  You will be better equipped with up-to-date information on the topic of THC use as it pertains to student well-being. Thank you so much for partnering with us to help aid in the health and well-being efforts with your teen.  Please let the counseling office know if you have problems accessing the program.

Access the IMPACT course here. Please use TheHillFamilies as the access code to register.

A link to this course is available at any time on this page under the Quick Links section. 

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Students Advocating for Mental Health

Students Advocating for Mental Health (SAMH) is a student-led committee of 15 students in the fourth through sixth form. SAMH runs under the guidelines of the Director of Counseling Lisa Roethling. The 2022 SAMH Committee is led by Co-Head Chairs Cecile Wegman’23 and Rosa Rodriguez'23.

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