Transportation Services

For the opening and closing of School, holiday weekends, and long vacation breaks, The Hill will arrange for a shuttle/van to and from 30th Street Station, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and the Port Authority in New York City. Private transportation services also are available to students.

Students are required to reserve a seat for transportation online on Academy (an internal website for students only). An email will be sent to the students when the link is available. They must provide the name of the airline, flight numbers and departure and arrival times on the form. The link will close 10 days prior to the traveling day in order to reserve the proper size shuttle/van. NOTE: The Hill School transportation departs at scheduled times; the School is not responsible for transporting students who are late to the bus or van pick-up locations. 


Shuttle and Van Information


Shuttle will depart approximately one half hour after classes end. The trips to Philadelphia International Airport and 30th Street Station require at least 90 minutes (1 ½ hours) commuting time; the cost is $55.00 one way. The trip to Port Authority and JFK Airport in New York City requires a commute of 2 ½ - 3 hours; the cost is $90.00 one way. Please make your travel plans accordingly allowing extra time for traffic delays and security.

Please note: For those breaks where a shuttle to JFK is offered, depending on the flight times of students who are departing from JFK, the departure time from Hill for the JFK coach will be adjusted to accommodate the majority of flight times. If there are not a sufficient number of requests to support the use of a coach, a smaller coach or vans will be substituted at a higher cost per student.


Students returning to the Philadelphia International Airport should meet their chaperone at the Baggage Claim of Terminal “C”. Students returning from 30th Street Station should meet their chaperone at the Flower Stand. Students returning from New York City should meet at the Port Authority on 42nd Street & 8th Avenue. 

Students who fail to reserve a seat or fail to sign-up before the deadline will be charged a $25.00 late/failure to reserve fee.

On day of travel, in the event of a delayed or cancelled flight, the student should notify their chaperone of that fact using the phone number that will be provided in their travel confirmation. We recommend that all students who are meeting school transportation carry the school’s security number (610-327-3060) with them. This is the number they should call if they are unable to find their chaperone, etc. Once the weekend or break has begun, transportation arrangements can no longer be made. Please do not fax, email, or leave a message for the School to pick up a student if he or she did not arrange transportation and receive confirmation in advance.

Private Transportation Services for Students and Employees

Private transportation arrangements can be made for students by contacting Mr. William Conrad at or 610-705-1563. Private transportation arrangements must be made at least 3 days (72 hours) prior to the time you need to travel. In the event a student misses classes, the absence will be unexcused.  Please know there are fees associated with this service. Please contact Mr. Conrad at 610-705-1010 to determine the fee based on the location to which you are traveling.

Parents, Students, and Employees: Please click on the buttons below to arrange for private transportation with a school-provided driver or reserve a school vehicle (employees only).


Students who sign up for private transportation and then fail to show up will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. A private transportation driver is not guaranteed to be available for all requests, but we will do our very best to accommodate all transportation requests.  Students who sign up with less than 72 hours notice (with the exception of family emergencies or leaving by dismissal actions) will be charged a $25.00 short-notice fee.

Airline and Train Policy/Chaperones

Due to changes in airline and train policy the School no longer offers airport shuttle service for children under the age of 15 who are traveling alone on a plane or under 16 alone on a train.

Airline policy now requires children between the ages of 8 - 14 to be accompanied by a chaperone who must sign a waiver and stay with the child at the gate until it is time to board the airplane. Unfortunately, The Hill School is unable to commit numerous chaperones for an undetermined amount of time. Local companies (see Sterling Limousine, King Limousine, or Celebrity Limousine below) will provide this service to you, or you may arrange it through the individual airline or rail company. If you have questions, please contact Mr. William Conrad (610-705-1563) in the Transportation Department.

We urge all parents of underage travelers to contact the airline or rail company you are using to be certain of its underage/chaperone policy and procedure to ensure that your child's travel to and from The Hill will be as smooth as possible.

Other Modes of Transportation

Sterling Limousine 1-866-757-7433 toll free in the U.S., 610-278-6860 or 215-750-6860

Celebrity Limousine 1-877-651-2800 toll free in the U.S., 610-651-2800 or 610-651-2800 (fax)

Rhoads Limousine 1-800-528-3569 (toll free in the U.S.), 610-689-4600.

Car Service & Limousine (Tommy) 484-644-8727 

King Limousine & Transportation Service, Inc. 1-800-245-5460 (toll free in the U.S.), 610-265-3050.

Capitol Trailways 610-323-7401

Transportation Disclaimer: While we make every attempt to deliver students to their destination on time, please be advised that The Hill School will not be responsible for direct or indirect costs of missed flights, trains, lodging, or other transportation costs under any circumstances including, but not limited to, weather, traffic, road conditions, equipment/vehicle problems, personnel issues, and/or medical emergencies.