Policies for Campus Visitors

The following policies and procedures regarding campus guests have been put in place to prioritize the health and safety of our campus community. We ask for your cooperation and adherence to these policies.

Indoor Athletics/Arts Event Attendance

  • We welcome campus guests to indoor athletics/arts spaces this winter who fully comply with the COVID-19 guidelines. Masks are required in all indoor spaces at all times. Gaiters and masks with ventilation are not permitted. 

  • Upon arrival to campus, guests should enter campus at the Center For The Arts Parking Lot (766 Beech Street) and follow signage to the check-in location for the event you are attending.

  • At that location, guests must either show proof of your vaccination record or proof of a negative COVID-19 test administered in the past 72 hours. 

  • Clearance on the day of games/CFTA events does not extend to any other buildings on campus.

  • Hill parents visiting other indoor spaces on campus must continue to follow the guidelines for “General Campus Visits (Indoor Spaces)” listed below.

  • The Hill School will not provide COVID-19 testing to visitors.

  • We respectfully request that no pets attend indoor athletics events. 

General Campus Visits (Indoor Spaces)

  • Vaccinated campus guests may enter indoor spaces, but only following the COVID-19 restrictions in place for community members at that time. Masks are required in all indoor spaces at all times.
  • Guests to campus must complete a visitor health screening form in advance of their visit to campus to be cleared for entry upon arrival. Please know, the survey includes confirmation of vaccination status; however, all guests must upload their vaccination record to be presented. All guests must submit an individual health screening form.
  • Upon arrival to campus, guests should enter through the Gate House (860 Beech Street) to confirm proper completion of the health screening form. At that time, guests will be issued a lanyard to correspond with their visit status and campus guidelines.
  • Once cleared by the Gate House, the vehicle may continue onto campus.
  • Lanyards should be returned in the Deposit Box located at the Campus Exit when departing campus.

Delivering Packages to Students 

  • Parents may deliver packages to campus at any time. Upon arrival, please check-in at the Gate House at the main entrance (860 Beech Street) and notify our Security personnel that you are there to deliver a package for a student.  
  • Parents will be escorted to the Security Sub-Station on campus. The package(s) will be securely stored in this location until retrieved by the student. Please be sure to call or text your child to let them know you dropped off a package(s). All packages should be labeled with the student's name.

  • Parents will be directed to exit campus via the Beech Street exit.

  • For parents who would like to personally deliver a package(s) to their child, they must follow the General Campus Visits policy as noted above. 

Special Notes:

  • Repeat guests do not need to register again unless their vaccination status has changed. Please be sure to bring a copy of that initial approval email each visit.
  • If guests do not pre-register before arrival, the vehicle will be directed to CFTA Parking Lot to complete the required forms. Once completed, the vehicle may circle back to the Gate House for review and entry.

Visitor Registration Form & Vaccination Verification

The Health Screening Form may also be accessed by scanning this QR code with the phone on your mobile device.