Student Health Forms

Whether it is your child's first year or fourth, we would like to welcome you and your family to another academic year at The Hill School! We appreciate the amount of paperwork you are required to complete prior to the start of each school year, so we have tried to streamline the process of downloading and completing the annual health forms. This year we have provided an editable PDF that allows you the option to enter information into the forms online if you choose.
Please keep in mind that the Health Forms require signatures and MUST be printed and mailed to the School (they may not be faxed or emailed). So even if you fill out the information electronically, the forms must still be printed.

Once you have completed entering the information in the "fillable" areas (or by hand) please follow these instructions:
  • Print the forms out and provide written signatures where indicated (marked by a blue star).
  • Please DO NOT print the health form double-sided. Attach Health Insurance and Prescription Insurance cards where indicated. 
  • Bring turquoise coded pages to Healthcare provider for completion and signature.
  • Return all forms by mail to the Wellness Center by July 15, 2020.
  • Faxing and emailing is discouraged.

In order for us to properly care for your child as well as meet state regulations, it is extremely important that all medical forms must be completed and mailed (not faxed or emailed) to The Hill by July 15, 2020.  Time is needed to adequately review each student’s forms to ensure its completeness and follow-up on any necessary details prior to the student’s return to campus. We look forward to providing your child with the best possible school healthcare while your child is a student here at The Hill.

Please contact Kristin Spencer, M.D. at if you have any questions. 

View information about student health insurance, medications, immunizations, and more on our Wellness Center page.