Project Request Form

This project request form gathers important details about your project so the Office of Strategy Management can determine whether we are able to take on this project and deliver the final piece timely and with the highest quality.  Please fill out all sections of the form to help us better understand your needs.


In order to review and consider your project, please submit a project request 6-8 weeks prior to the desired completion date. 

The creative team includes designers, photographers, videographers, writers, and social media experts.  We require a minimum of six weeks for every project to ensure we deliver our best work. This timing does not include printing and mailing. If you need your piece mailed, please allow for an additional 10 business days. 

Project Review

Projects are considered in the context of the School's priorities, timing, and capacity. In some cases, the Office of Strategy Management may recommend an outside vendor best suited to meet your needs.