Student Standards & Expectations for Virtual Hill

As our community transitions to Virtual Hill, students still are naturally expected to adhere to various guidelines and expectations. Even with significant changes in how our daily lives happen, our community remains committed to our mission and shared values. Accordingly:

  • Please plan to make your daily commitments – classes, meetings, etc. – as specifically outlined by the teacher or faculty member in charge;
  • Please conduct all academic work in an area where study hall quiet conditions are in effect;
  • Please plan copiously for each week, looking ahead to commitments and assignments, and communicate actively with your adviser to be organized and strategic for academic work and other commitments;
  • When ‘attending’ a live class, please be in a quiet and appropriate area that is respectful to a regular learning environment, and use the mute button as appropriate;
  • When ‘attending’ a live class, please wear a crewneck shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater (no scoop neck or sleeveless shirts);
  • All faculty and offices are ‘open’ and accessible via emails and calls as if regular oncampus activity were happening;
  • Please communicate thoughtfully, patiently, and politely with the same standards as when we are on campus;
  • Rules, standards, and procedures outlined in The Hill School Handbook reasonably apply across all circumstances.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this unusual and challenging time. Even with so much disorientation, The Hill School remains intact and committed to living life in our motto: Whatsoever things are true.

Message from Mr. Baum on Friday, March 27:

As Virtual Hill gets underway, please understand that while there are of course key differences from what we are all used to, there are no fundamental changes in what is expected of Hill students. More specifically, students are expected to:

  • Fulfill regular commitments, including ‘attendance’ for meetings and classes as directed
  • Only attend designated and directed commitments, meetings, and opportunities
  • Complete assignments on time at the standards delineated by teachers
  • Show respect for the virtual classroom setting in the same way as the physical setting
  • Not take pictures or record classes/meetings without advance consent from
    the teacher or faculty member in charge
  • Adhere to the specific expectations for Live Classes
  • Not forward/email/text class Zoom meeting links to anyone
  • Adhere to the Honor Code as usual
  • Communicate across all venues in a respectful manner
  • Adhere to all aspects of The Hill School Handbook

Faculty have been instructed to communicate absences, missed work, and other student choices that fall short of School standards to the Deans’ Office as would always be the case. Therefore, students should expect to receive formal School response, along the lines of what is practiced when campus is open.

We certainly understand the challenges associated with these difficult times, but we fully expect our students to approach their Hill commitments with the same spirit and vigor as when taking place in-person. To conclude, as Headmaster Lehman has put it – campus may be closed, but The Hill School is open.