Which Estate Giving  Options Work Best for Me?


Simple Gifts Anyone Can Make

• Your Will or Trust A
• Beneficiary Designation

• Defer a gift until after your passing.
• Maintain control of your assets during your lifetime.
• Work with your attorney to add a gift in your will or living trust detailing your donation to The Hill School.
• Designate The Hill School as beneficiary of a percentage of your retirement plan, savings or brokerage account, or life insurance policy.
• Maintain your current lifestyle while making a meaningful gift to support The Hill School.
• Enjoy flexibility to change your plans as life changes.
• Pass your retirement plan assets to us tax-free.

Gifts of Assets
• Stock or other securities
• Real estate
• Make a gift now and receive benefits.
• Make a larger gift with little or no effect on cash flow.
• Give stock or securities that have increased in value directly to The Hill School.
• Donate your residence, farm, or commercial property.
• Qualify for a potential income tax deduction.
• Avoid capital gains taxes on assets that have increased in value.
• Transfer the expense of insuring or maintaining assets you no longer need.

A Gift That Pays You
• A Charitable Gift Annuity • Supplement your retirement income with steady payments.
• Receive payments that are partially income tax–free.
• Make a donation of cash or securities to benefit The Hill School through a simple exchange for fixed payments for life. • Qualify for a potential income tax deduction.
• Enjoy tax savings on a portion of each payment you receive throughout your life expectancy.
• Receive fixed payments for life.
• What is left of your gift after your passing supports The Hill School.

A Flexible Gift That Provides Income
• Charitable Remainder Unitrust
• Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

• Supplement your own retirement income or that of someone else with a charitable remainder trust.

• You transfer cash, securities, or other appreciated property into a charitable remainder trust. The trust pays either a variable (unitrust) or fixed (annuity trust) amount each year to you, or another beneficiary if you choose, for a lifetime or a term up to 20 years. When the term is up, the balance goes to The Hill School. • With a charitable remainder trust, you can make a generous gift to The Hill School, qualify for a potential income tax deduction for the charitable portion of your gift and eliminate capital gains tax at the time of the gift when the trust is funded with appreciated assets.

Gifts That Reduce Gift and Estate Taxes on Assets You Pass to Family
• Charitable Lead Unitrust
• Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
• Provide a revenue stream to The Hill School with a charitable lead trust.

• You transfer securities or other appreciating property into a charitable lead trust. The trust pays either a variable (unitrust) or fixed (annuity trust) amount each year to The Hill School for a lifetime or term of years. The balance then passes to your heirs.

• Support The Hill School during your lifetime, keep property in the family, and often reduce gift taxes with the charitable lead trust.
Questions? Please contact Shaylene Scheib, capital and estate giving officer, at 610-705-1059 or sscheib@thehill.org