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Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program

Benefit your business and provide a Hill School education to a deserving Pennsylvania student.

The Pennsylvania Tax Credit Programs (EITC/OSTC) gives eligible businesses and individuals the ability to redirect their taxes to be turned into scholarships for low- and mid-income students to attend the school of their choice.

As a Pennsylvania taxpayer, EITC is a great way for you to receive a 90% state tax credit and have that money go directly to The Hill School to benefit a Hill student from Pennsylvania.


Your small business can contribute and benefit from the tax credits if your company operated in Pennsylvania and expects to pay any of these taxes:

  • PA Corporate Net Tax
  • Capital Stock Franchise Tax
  • Bank and Trust Company Tax
  • Title Insurance Tax
  • Insurance Premiums Tax or Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax
  • Personal Income Tax: S corporations, partnerships and other “pass through” businesses may choose the “pass through” option where the tax credit is applied to shareholders, members, partners, or the business owner.

The Hill has partnered with Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund, a special purpose entity (SPE) to facilitate the School’s EITC program.

Megan and I gladly support The Hill School through the EITC program. Through our multi-year commitment, the EITC program enables us to financially support the School’s programs while receiving the tax credit benefits. Frankly, this is one of the easiest decisions we’ve made and a great way to support Hill. We highly encourage families to explore the benefits of participating in the program.Megan and Rick Lewis P’20 ’22 ’26

The Process:

Sign SPE joinder early in the year (or NOW) for the highest success. 

SPE receives credit award.


Make your contribution within 60 days of award notification.

Reduce taxable income dollar for dollar with 90% tax credit.

1. Determine the amount of your PA tax liability.

2. Complete the reservation form, as shown, to hold your place in lines, as there are a a limited number of tax credit available each year.
3. A check request will arrive via USPS in the fall.
4. Checks will need to be mailed within 60 day
5. Tax forms (K-1) will arrive by March 15 the following spring

Many of the most talented and highly qualified students interested in attending The Hill reside in our home state of Pennsylvania. Participation in the EITC program allows the School to provide these students and their families with the support needed to make a Hill education possible.Christopher Bala ’97 P’25'27 | Senior Associate Director of Admission and Director of Financial Aid


For more information or assistance please contact: 

Kathy Koller
Director of Leadership Annual Giving