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The Hill Fund

Gifts made to The Hill Fund directly impact the School today as your gifts help sustain all areas of the School including faculty salaries, academic, residential, and student life programs, financial aid, and building operations.
The Hill Fund plays a crucial role in enriching the lives of the students and faculty of The Hill School, generating 10 percent of the School’s annual operating budget. Without this essential funding, the School would have to draw from the endowment, eroding the long-term financial stability of the institution.


More than 20% of alumni and 40% of parents participate in The Hill Fund, raising more than $4.9 million for The Hill School - a testament to the commitment of The Hill School community. Each and every gift to The Hill Fund helps to maintain the financial stability of the institution.

This year, we hope you’ll consider investing in the future of The Hill with your own gift to The Hill Fund. All gifts, regardless of the size, help ensure that each and every student has an exceptional learning experience in the classroom, in the dormitories, on the playing field, and on the stage.

Thank you for your support to The Hill Fund!


If you have any questions about making a gift in support of The Hill School, please contact:

Kathy Koller
Director of Leadership Annual Giving
Christian Sockel P'22
Assistant Headmaster for Institutional Giving