Priyanka Dondeti '19 | Long Island, N.Y.

My Hill experience taught me that there are so many different people with so many different perspectives and stories to tell. A place like Hill has broadened my view and sparked my interest in these other cultures.

Priyanka Dondeti

Hill Activities: Varsity Girls’ Soccer and  Varsity Crew Captain, SGA Senator, Vice President of Student Philanthropy Council, Prefect, GUTS President

Unforgettable Hill moment: My first day of school

Favorite Hill tradition: Standing on my chair on my birthday

Favorite Dining Hall meal: Chicken tenders with mac and cheese

Who I’ll miss the most: My younger brother, Rohan '21; the crew and soccer teams; and all of my friends and teachers who have made an impact on my life for the last four years.

I am grateful for my time at Hill because . . .  of the amazing relationships that I formed.

Future plans: I am attending the Barnard College of Columbia University. Although undecided, I am leaning towards the medical field. My dream job would be doing whatever I find a passion for, for the rest of my career.