Quan Pham '19 | Hanoi, Vietnam

I am grateful for Hill because of the wonderful opportunities that it provides and the amazing community that I hold so dear in my heart.

Hill activities: The Hill News Co-Editor-in-Chief; Election Committee Co-Chair; Writing Fellow; Library Prefect; Ellis Theatre Guild

Unforgettable Hill moment: When the sun's out, and everyone's happy and cheery enjoying the weather on the Quad. Nothing beats that.

Favorite Hill tradition: Seated lunch and the Dress Code. Seated lunch means always having a seat or having to navigate through a crowded pantry. I can just relax and enjoy the table and the people I'm with. I love the Dress Code because it helps me establish a very beneficial habit: waking up early enough to look nice and ready for the day!

Favorite Dining Hall meal: The soup.  I've had soup almost every single lunch since my fourth form year. It's THAT good!

During my time at Hill . . . I have learned many things, but the most important lesson is this: I do not know everything. This develops as a result of a series of failures and success alike. I've been challenged here at Hill, academically, mentally, and physically. And with every experience, I learned something new. Most important, I have learned to be curious and to be humble.

What I’ll miss the most . . . The community—the faculty and my friends. I've developed some incredible relationships here that I will never ever forget. It is undoubtedly the biggest part of my Hill experience.

Future plans . . . I'm going to Northwestern University, not sure what I want to do yet, but I will definitely keep that spirit of curiosity that I've developed here. Since I'm an international student and my college is in the Mid-West, it will be hard for me to visit Hill. But you can be sure that I will make every effort to go back and see all the people that I love so much,  my second family.

Quan gave a Chapel talk on April 1, 2019 on the topic of "Understanding Emotions." Listen below.