Strength of All Campaign

The Strength of All Campaign

The Hill School Campaign to Preserve Tradition and Inspire Innovation

The Strength of All Campaign is The Hill School’s first-ever multi-phase comprehensive fundraising campaign in its 170-year history. The Campaign is structured as a phased approach over a longer term of years. With this structure, we plan to achieve The Hill's greatest fundraising success from the broadest and deepest of our constituents for initiatives rooted in our new strategic design for The Hill's future. 

The success of The Hill School truly depends on ‘the strength of all.’ We need the commitment and participation of everyone who cares about the future of this remarkable place to enhance and sustain The Hill for future generations.

Phase One

First launched on July 1, 2013, Phase One of The Strength of All concluded on June 30, 2019 with more than $88 million raised to support core priorities and other School initiatives. The core priorities of Phase One included:

  • The restoration and expansion of the Dining Hall -$15 million
  • Aspire, the School’s tiered faculty promotion, compensation, and professional development initiative - $12 million
  • Hobart’s Run, the establishment of a neighborhood improvement district - $2 million
  • The Hill Fund which supports the School’s day-to-day operations - $14.5 million

In addition to these core priorities, Phase One also celebrated the successful completion of three new faculty homes in the East Campus Faculty Village, additions to the endowment, and extensive programmatic support totaling $20 million.

Phase Two

  • The Shirley Quadrivium Center - $19 million (doors opened on August 24, 2020)
  • A new Residential Village featuring state-of-the-art living accommodations for faculty and students - $12 million (in progress)
  • The restoration and revitalization of Sweeney Gymnasium and the Old Hockey Rink site - $6 million (in progress)
  • The renovation of Meigs House, home of our Admission Office - $1 million (in progress)
  • The continued support of: Aspire - $6 million, Student Aid - $15.5 million, Hobart’s Run - $2 million and The Hill Fund - $10 million