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ASPIRE Program Celebrates Hill Faculty

In 2014, a substantial gift to the School from Preston G. Athey ’67, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and his wife, Nancy, enabled the creation of Aspire, a tiered faculty compensation model at The Hill. The Aspire program enables teachers to build their expertise and tenure as they rise through the ranks of Fellow, Instructor, Athey Family Master, and Senior Master. Faculty may apply for promotion to a higher tier. 

The Hill School's Senior Masters

The Hill School's Tiered Faculty System:

20+ Years of Teaching Experience
10+ Years at The Hill
Master's Degree

12+ Years of Teaching Experience
Master's Degree

3+ Years of Teaching Experience

Up to 3 Years of Teaching Experience
Bachelor's Degree

Hill School Aspire Teachers:

Senior Masters: Chris DeLucia P'13; Elizabeth A Dollhopf P’21 ’23; John Dollhopf P’21 ’23W. Christopher Drowne ’89; Matthew Gettings; Harlow C. “Ned” Ide, III P’09 ’13; Joe Lagor P’09 ’10 ’12 ’21; Kathy Malone, Ph.D.; Margie Neiswender P’22; Ellen Nelson P’10 ’13; Mark Nelson P’10 ’13; Mark Pearson, Ph.D. ’78 P’20; Bill Yinger ’95

Athey Family Master: F. Christopher Chirieleison ’85 P’18 ’19 ’21; Stephen N. Ciraolo; John Giannakis P’20; Katy Hudak P’21 ’23; Patrick G. Lake, Ph.D.; Yoon Soo Lim P’17 ’18; Ramonita Marcano-Ogando, Ph.D.; Dan McMains ’98, Erik K. Mortenson; Courtney Neese ’00; Diane Richards P’21 ’23; Ed Turner

Fellow: Elena Dauphinais, Sophia Gantenbein, Ernest Higginbotham, Amanda Molitor

Read more about all of our Aspire teachers below: